My Low Carb Journey…..

So my doctor said that its time for me to start a low carb diet, now mind you that I’ve attempted to do this before last spring without reasearching etc. and i basically just kept eating the same thing ever day. I lost 20 Ibs making me 200 Ibs but geez it all came back and then some during pregnancy,when i went into labor i was 235! After i had my baby i went down to 210 which isn’t bad since my pre-pregnancy weight was 200 and before that i was stuck at between 220 and 230 no lower or higher until i changed a few things in my lifestyle as far as health goes and the people around me in my life too. After i decided to go natural it all really started there  when my health journey began and i wanna get back their to that feelling.

Now its more than just losing weight for me, i have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)… And i could go on and on about this to explain it and you can research it if you like but basically its really important for me to watch my insulin levels, blood pressure and such and for most women with this they are put on a low carb/gluten free diet or eating plans to help jump start their system or just to keep it going smoothly as a whole on a regular. Plus its more of a cleaner way of eating especially if you like me and loveeeee potatoes,rice,pastas,grains and other starches thats not so good for us and bodybjust needs a cleanse from those thing without having to give up none of my favorite foods,just alternatives for different ways to prepare them…. EVEN SWEETS!

My goal is to eat low carb meals,keep my sodium low and low sugars all at the same time and of coarse working out any extra calories off only if needed because most the stuff is low to no cals at all, plus exercise is a stress reliever so im all for making it a daily thing. Im so excited to embark on this new journey and i know it won’t be easy for many reasons but its worth it in the end. So wish me luck guys, and ill keep you posted as well THANK LUVS!

Here is the link to my pinterest board for low carb ideas you can follow if you like»»

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