My Fitness & Diet Update!

Ok, so for those of you who been following me so far know that i made a post about embarking on a low carb diet.

Well let me fill you in whats been going on so far, first let me say that i loved alot of the recipes and my family did as well but i can’t see me living without my good carbs and grains etc. Now what i have learned is alot of substitutions for alot of the high bad cabs i was eating and eating way to often such as pasta,rice,potatoes and other starchy foods! i was amazed on how many things you can use veggies for especially cauliflower. Now im going to pursue my healthy eating goals and keep learning as i go but i will be eating my good carbs, try to lower my salt and sugar intake as well, and eat more gluten free foods as well. 

I will admit this is NOT easy! I am still learning and sometimes i fall but im getting there more and more each month, having a food addiction and stress eating is me all day but im getting better at self control. On the other hand i’ve been thinking about joining a fitness bootcamp to jumpstart my fitness journey because i can eat good all i want but if im not getting active nothing will work then i will be doing my beachbody chalean extreme here at the house on the days i dont go and have 2 rest days in the week off one for sleep (lol ) and one for getting stuff done around the house and the week coming up! 

SO, wish me luck as i continue on this journey! Take a sneak peak look below at a few things ive made! I will post the recipes soon as i get the chance,make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think……






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