My Natural Hair Update: Fall 2013

Well Fall is almost here and not to long after that is the season i hate the most WINTER!!! Also my 2 year anniversary is Dec. 1st 2013 and i am proud to be a natural for that long but there is many regrets and set back in my journey so far that i have to make up for and get back on track.



When i went natural and did the big chop on Dec. 1st 2011 i was thriving those first 6 months and i even lost 20 pounds because of how happy i was but then i got pregnant out of nowhere while getting sick out of this world. Getting pregnant  was the last thing on my mind (mind you i was trying for 4 years and was told i would never have children) and even though i was beyond happy i had the morning sickness most of my pregnancy until the last 2-3 weeks of my pregnancy and all i wanted to do then is just eat and sleep! During this time i neglected my hair which was for the rest of that year and past my 1 yr anniversary i still was neglecting it because of feeling sick not being able to eat,sleep,dizziness,nausea and all! I would moisturize sometimes but my regimen was all over the place because not only was i pregnant but i was planning a move to another city and that was crazy too leaving me with the only option to throw a wig on and i didn’t properly protect my hair underneath… all i can say is knots, dryness, and BREAKAGE,BREAKAGE and more BREAKAGE!  Then when i gave birth not to long after that i had postpartum shedding and my edges in the front and the back got it bad, so through trail and error as well my journey has been up and down but don’t get me wrong im still happy im natural and im loving the new lifestyle so no regrets with that choice but im going to vow to get better at it and re-learn my hair since it has changed alot! 48dddc439fa4061615dd58d8c9a2972f

Now i know it was mainly my poor care of my hair during my pregnancy and not the pregnancy itself, but it was also a mixture of things too such as at the early part of my pregnancy i had yarn twists in (protective style) and i left those in way to long than i meant to so when i took them out that caused breakage then the wigs and then a when i did get the energy i deep conditioned my hair and detangled etc. then went to a salon got a silk press and trim done knowing im not prepared (energy wise) or used to my hair being straight no more so my hair just broke off especially in the cold weather! Since i had my baby in April i just been doing damage control with a dusted trim i did myself lots of hot oil treatments,deep conditioning and its not to bad, the little bit of castor oil i got helped out alot to repair too.  



So that being said im preparing for the upcoming fall/winter with a whole new plan as my hair has grew even though i do believe it could of been way longer at this point but im still proud, and with growth comes change so there is things my hair used to like that it just don’t no more so my regimen has changed a little and i updated the page on the blog explaining that so go to home page and check it out! My plan for this season is starting with a trim and every 8-10 weeks, more protective styling mostly with scarfs and my own hair,more deep conditioning, more steam treatments,more hot oil,scalp treatments and cutting out protein treatments because i think im sensitive because now my hair gets so thin and weak feeling like its gonna break when i do them.  WISH ME LUCK GUYS!  Fall/Winter here i come………


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