My Second Wash-n-Go Ever w/ new products!

Hey loves!… Well in my last post about my hair update i talked to you guys about how my hair has changed since my pregnancy and how i neglected my hair during and after, plus i said im going to be on a hair repair mission and start with a fall trim and every 8-10 weeks after that. Well, finally did my trim you guys!! I don’t have before and after pics of that because phone was dead at the time and i was in a rush but i did get pics of the style i’m about to tell you about. So first about the trim, well i lightly blowed out my hair using the tension method with a little use of the comb attachment but on medium heat and mixture of cool air setting as well. After i was done i noticed that my ends really needed a trim, i mean single strand knots and all so i put in small sections and went to work and just cut off what was needed. You know my hair wasn’t as bad as i thought it was going to be but it did need that little trim or i really should say dusting because i didn’t take off much. When i was done i had no clue what i was going to do with my hair so at first i just put it in two large flat twists as a protective style and just wore it like that for the week, but it was time for wash day plus my hair needed the TLC because we had some hot days and i was sweaty and my scalp just needed a refresher! After washing my hair i then decided to do a wash-n-go since i was up super early and my fiance had the baby, although i had to go out and it wasn’t really hot out and it was rainy i still did it and it came out great. See (it was still drying in this pic)——-> me3

Now to be honest i haven’t done a wash-n-go since around the time i big chopped.. i think i was only 3 months natural then so i was little worried and wasn’t sure i would like the shrinkage much especially since i just trimmed but it came out nice and took FOREVER to dry lol! 

Here is the steps i took to achieve the look:

step 1. I took my freshly washed hair and put it in sections with duck clips, about 8 sections (the smaller the better).

step 2. Then i took a section at a time staring from back to front and applied the product in such order – Leave in conditioner,cream moisturizer, then gel last and i racked it through with finger following with my Denman brush gliding it from the root to tip in a slow motion to the curls can just form on the own and remain detangled. then i would move to the next section letting it hand and dry.

step 3. Once i got to the front of my head, i already had my hair parted the way i want it so i just did the same thing in step 2 but when i was done i put a clip on each side to keep the part separated and to mold the style a bit. 

step 4. I just let it air dry for a few hrs then i removed the clips in the font and went on with the day letting my hair continue to air dry.

NIGHT TIME ROUTINE- My hair was still a little damp but nothing to much to effect the style. I basically just put my hair in tiny pine apples while still keeping my part and style in place, then i went ahead and put my satin bonnet on and my silk scarf over it giving it double protection then off to bed i go.

I currently don’t have a daily refresher yet since this was only the day after, my hair is till tied up and will be for the day since i am in the house for the day, have to give do a bath and all that good stuff, but i will try to wear this style for up to 3-4 days and i will get back to you guys letting you know what i did to refresh my style and how it held up!

Here are a few more pics of my hair as the day went on—> me2


Also, here is the exact products i used—> 




In the past i have tried just the gel alone and it was a hot mess lol, but i now know there is a method to this so that your hair can keep moisture and curls can be even more defined, now it will still harden because that’s what gel do and this gel is a high 10 with hold so it did get a little hard but i think with me adding the product before the gel helped because it still remained mostly soft to the touch, if you don’t like the hardness from gels then just wait until the hair is fully dry then go ahead and scrunch with your hand to reduce the gel casting (hardening). Over all im in love with the results and i do plan to do more wash-n-go’s in my future, i may even try other gels in the future but for now this is the go to! 



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