Hopes for more UNITY & PEACE for natural hair in 2014!

Are you guys hoping for more unity when it comes to the natural hair/ curly hair community?

I know i do, we need to stop putting labels on people period but especially when its on this subject because everybody is entitled to their own beliefs and its their hair,their journey and their body at the end of the day. Its getting almost as bad as the crips and blood gangs up in here lol.

Oh i don’t use heat on my hair so all naturals shouldnt, i don’t wear wigs or weaves so all naturals shouldn’t and the list goes on and on. Some of you have the nerve to curse people out on social media and even in person for doing something with “their” natural hair or body that you don’t believe naturals should do or else in your mind something is wrong with them. Dont even let me get started on the relaxed vs natural hair wars, me personally do beleive its better medically and health wise to leave relaxers alone and ill recommend it even BUT i dont judge. If thats what they choose to do then great But you also won’t see me online insulting them or pointing the finger at what they doing wrong. Its their hair, their body, their journey so who am i to set them straight? Who am i to label them? We are all unique and we live through trial and error, we live through expression in our art as a being so enjoy being you just be safe, be happy and stress free.

I myself wear makeup,wigs, occasional extension,use heat occasionally etc. I even sometimes use products with few silicones and body products with mineral oil and petroleum because i have to switch it up in everything i do and dressing up makes a girl feel so good, i just live MY life and don’t worry about what people say i shouldn’t do in anything i do.


Checkout the video below and see what one of my favorite vloggers/bloggers has to say on this subject. Feel free to leave comments below and tell me what you think…..

Watch “My Natural Hair Hopes for 2014! – by Naptural85” on YouTube–>


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