Current Hairstyle: Yarn Braids (Loc extension Attempt)!


THE STORY: So, recently I just got married on Feb. 27th 2014 and I was sitting there wondering “hmmm, what in the world am I going to do with my hair for my wedding day”!?…. I’ve always wanted locs/dreadlocks for the longest time so I decided that I will use this special moment to make that happen. I wanted my hair shoulder length for the wedding so I planned to go the whole loc extension route, now I researched and even asked professionals about loc methods,ideas and more. I learned that people has loc’d they hair with their own natural hair using different method such as palm roll, two strand twist, comb/coil twist and even free form. Also I learned that people use 100% human afro kinky hair, synthetic afro hair, and even YARN to loc to their hair in braid or twist form while giving them length. Since I wanted my hair longer for the wedding I leaned towards getting the extensions. I couldn’t afford the 100% human afro kinky hair at the time and I was weighing my options between the synthetic hair and the yarn to use. I decided on the synthetic hair so I contacted the loctician and let her know! The Loctician I wanted to go with at first did not do the yarn method and she rather that I buy the hair that I couldn’t afford but she did say she can do it with the synthetic if that’s what I really wanted, unfortunately she was fully booked and she had to refer me to a friend. After talking to the referred loctician she told me that it would be not only cheaper but better for her to do my loc extensions with yarn, Now mind you I don’t know much about using yarn to loc hair even though i have had yarn twists before that I did myself and I absolutely loved them! However, I was scared and just not educated enough to use this process but she was very nice and she told me that I will all eventually be mines overtime, I can take it out anytime if i change my mind and it is easy to take care of etc. so after hearing all the good about it; I surely was convinced to give it a try.

Below is the brand of yarn that I used for my hair in black and brown.

ImageImageTHE REVIEW: My hair took 2 days to get done because there was breaks but the lady was so nice and we had a lot in common so it was just a great time and I can’t complain about that at all; After my hair was done I simple loved it  and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror! It was tight but not so tight that I felt like I had to take it out right away like some hairstyles I’ve had done in the past by stylist’s, my hair loosened up in just 3 days after it was done.

This hairstyle is amazing but i don’t think its a good idea to use this method to loc your hair permanently because the two textures look totally different as it grows out even a little at the root so imagine as it grows out and you get it re-twisted and you can see the two textures – not cute at all right? I started really thinking about it and had mixture thoughts about it, then I realized that I only wanted my hair longer for my wedding and that I don’t have to keep these in to loc my hair because I’m not ashamed of my length of my own natural hair so why not just enjoy the full journey of locs by starting them on my hair and no extension added! So i decided that when these come out which will probably be in may; I will get my hair in starter locs and start a whole new journey with my natural hair… I’m excited!! wish me luck!


Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave advice,feedback and comment below!


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  1. I am so excited to see your loc journey!
    I felt bad for some time not being able to fit you in my schedule for loc extension, but they say that everthing happens for a reason. You went from wanting loc extensions to just growing your hair naturally 🙂 (which is always the best) When you are ready to start your journey let me know.
    Tarsha~Master Loctician

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