How do you prefer your man in your life to wear his hair if you’re a naturalista?


Since I went natural I’ve been noticing a lot of interesting natural hair styles on men, some very normal, some very hot and some just off the charts crazy! I recently ran into the discussion on how women who wear their own hair naturally wavy, curly or kinky feel when it comes to their taste in men and mostly on how they prefer them to rock their hair and/or if they care if men would perm/texturize their hair, and a lot of women preferred for men to rock the natural look the most rather its long or short. This goes for people of all races and communities.


What do I think?… Well I love my man to be natural just like me and this is true even before I became a naturalista myself because I just thought it was sexy, had nothing to do with it making him look more like a man or nothing homophobic either, it just was hot to me for a man to wear his natural hair the way it grown out his head rather it was kinky,curly or wavy, im also a huge lover of locs on men with hair rather its long or shorter length. However i do prefer for my man to rock his hair shorter or bald even.

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Im so into a clean look before a more rough look especially on my husband, he goes through his stages where he wants to grow it out to a mini fro then next thing I know he has a fade or if im lucky he will even wear it bald which to me he looks his best when he rocks the bald clean look vs anything else (even tho he really dont like it himself and prefer a faded cut) because i think it just adds some youth but at the same time its very mature looking and sexy. My husband at one time wanted locs but was scared of what it would look like when his hair started to thin out in the crown more so he changed his mind.

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At the end of the day, i support all hairstyles on men but when it comes to the the men in my life im a sucker for fresh clean styles even with locs i have seen men who wear them roughly and ive seen some who has worn them clean in a professional manner (but thats a whole other blog post for the future).

So, what about you.. Would you prefer your man to be natural just like you? Do you like your man to rock it long,short,braids,fro,loose or bald, or does it even matter to you? Please feel free to share in comments below about your choice,your thoughts,why and anything else you want to share on this topic!








































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