When it come to your natural hair do you experience major shrinkage, and if so are you a shrinkage lover or hater? For me its whenever i do wash and goes my hair gets the most shrinkage and only then is when it bothers me alot more versus when i do other styles. I personally love and prefer styles that promotes elongation because it usually keeps my hair detangled as much as possible.

700716939080935133_187830296 Now that being said, it doesn’t mean that i try to avoid shrinkage like my life depends on it either. When i where an out style and i happen to get frizz or shrinkage from the summer weather,being active or from working out; i don’t get super mad and irritated with my hair because i know that its just my hair and that’s what it does sometimes so i except it and move on. I even run into people asking me questions like – do your hair grow? Isn’t that hair irritating to deal with? or the ultimate famous one – why don’t you just get a sew in weave until it grows out longer?…. I mean its not that serious, LOVE YOUR HAIR PEOPLE! We have to take the good with the bad and learn as we go. Im not against weaves or anything either, im a huge fan of switching it up but im not in noway going to do it as a way to cover up my hair and i will make sure whatever im doing to my hair that it will be as safe as possible for not only my hair but for my body as a whole too.
6694_126965994987_653824987_3045145_1915894_n I know some of you naturals be like “I cannot take it anymore” and be ready to cut it off or avoid certain styles because of this issue and i am here to tell you to make the best of it and keep a scarf, accessories or pins on hand to dress it up a bit while your on the go and enjoy your funky style because what that shrinkage and/or frizz is good for, is giving you some major personality while changing your style up without not even noticing it. So if you know that your gonna be active or working out then make sure to wear a protecive style with your natural hair, if your to stressed for time to do some quick twists or braids then something as easy as a bun,pineapple, any updo or pin and tuck style will help maintain frizz and shrinkage (at least keep it from being noticeable). But if its warm or moist outside or if you just have to wear an “out style” such as a wash-n-go or twist out then be prepared for shrinkage and have that good old scarf or accessory on hand to jazz it up.


I think most people are more worried about how they look and what people are saying than knowing their beauty no matter what and just excepting their hair and what it does. Believe it or not but alot of people admire our natural hair the most when its frizzy and when we think it looks a hot mess. It’s like a special secret that you only know, I say as long as you know how long your hair is and the progress you have made thus far then that’s all that matters at the end of the day, you do not have to prove yourself to nobody else.If you want to show off your progress then document with photos,vlog or even blog about it and show the world but don’t feel that your hair have to be perfection daily and that you have to reveal your length at all times because its not worth the stress,struggle or the disappointment. Again, this is for you naturals who rock your hair in its kinky/curly natural state most of the time.

So im going to end this off by saying …. Embrace your natural hair and its ups & downs, know your beauty, and most of all make the best of it during those hard times.


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  1. I have never seen mine which may be why I find these pics so amazing.

  2. Aww im sure it looks amazing! 🙂

  3. I call my shrinkage “the demon”. I’m learning to embrace it but its hard. I’m proud of my growth and I just want to show it off. Lol. 😄

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