My Natural Hair Story


I remember the days as a child when i used to rock those thick puffs, thick ponytails and hair was long and passed my shoulders just feeling like you couldn’t tell me nothing. Shoot i sure wasn’t scared of getting wet on a hot summer day either. Until one day my mother had the brightest idea to surprise me When the process was done i had that silky straight hair, which for awhile i didn’t like it at all and i cried like a big baby especially when she would take too long to refresh the relaxer and it would be so dry and brittle! Sometimes she would have her phases where she wanted to cut the perm off and grow my natural hair so she would put in box braids during this time so that it can grow faster so she say.


My hair went through so much no wonder by time i was 13 my hair was just a mess! I started trying to do it myself (not knowing what i’m doing) and it was very bad on my self-esteem as a child especially about to start going to middle school. So by time i was 15-16 i cut my hair in a short style like toni braxton and started making sure i had me a perm on time even if it meant to go to the shop and get it done. When i did happen to get a weave then i would rock mostly glued bonded styles or a sew in which broke my hair off because of not being done correctly and removal was sometimes done by me so we all know how that went. I really grew to hate my new growth with a passion and i think i over did the retouches sometimes and felt it on my scalp in more ways than one. That relaxer was like drugs for me, so i guess you can really say i was on that “creamy crack” hard.


After all the ups and downs with my hair over the years, i was just in a place in life where i had way too many health problems as it was and i just needed a change. So of course i started doing online research and more research on natural hair and health as a whole before i completely jump in for the go; Meanwhile during this time i was having financial problem so i wasn’t able to start on the journey but i also wasn’t able to get another relaxer so i was kinda forced into starting my transition that way. As my new growth grew and i was learning more and more about natural hair care and the community. I was just loving my texture although i’m not gonna lie there was a couple times i thought maybe i should just get one more relaxer (with excuses like holidays,birthdays,other people opinions and events etc.) but i didn’t let it happen and stuck to my guns! I was falling in love with my texture and feeling like i was on a journey to a better me and i remained committed because i felt the result would be worth it.

1380250_10201447432541250_40549436_n 1381608_10201447432741255_1960478885_n

My last relaxer was in May 2011 and i finally made the choice to do the “big chop” in Dec. 2011. My natural hair journey has its ups and downs especially being a mother of three but It was and still is to this day – the best choice i’ve ever made, and i am not turning back now!  I’m learning something new about my hair and body everyday and i’m just enjoying everything about it. Being “Natural” to me is just becoming a more healthier and confident person as a whole, happy in my own skin and showing it to the world in their my own way!!


FALL 2014




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