My Natural Hair Regimen Calendar and Schedule

Hey Luvs ❤ <3!! Ok, so alot of people ask me what is my regimen and what are the do’s and dont’s during my hair care regimen! So i decided to share with you my natural hair regimen. Below is a complete overview of my regimen on daily and monthly basis. 

Also you can check this schedule out anytime by just going to my homepage and going under the natural hair tab and clicking the ‘My Hair Regimen‘ tab below it.



About MrsElegantlyNatural

Adventures Of Living Relaxer Free While Loving Me! ☆Natural Hair Lover ☆SkinCare,Beauty & Fashion Explorer ☆FitMOM ☆Eczema and PCOS Fighter✊

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  1. WOW, you got a complete schedule there girl, need to be more like that, organized 😀 thanks for posting!

    • Yea i try, the key is sticking to it the best i can due to being a full time stay at home mother it can get hard at times but having a written schedule to look at gives me motivation towards those goals. thanks for the comment luv!

      • Yes, Moms know best so you got it girl, excellent and you are to be commended!!! Anytime my dear 😀 keep up the amazing work, as a Natural and a Mama 😀 😀 😀

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