My Yarn Locs/Wraps Preparation!


Finally getting to cutting✂✂ my yarn for my hair💁, going to get it started tonight since my schedule is pretty clear this week… I’m going for the yarn wraps/locs for my first time so wish me luck because that’s double the work of the regular yarn twists which is my favorite 😉😱 lol

*This length cut in half will be about 18-20 inches, I was gonna go shorter but maybe for my next set!

Items used for this process:
-large scissors
-2 foldable chairs
-yellow measuring tape


I’m super excited to try something new and put my hair in a protective style for awhile especially during the summer and being so active, these are going to be perfect!


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Adventures Of Living Relaxer Free While Loving Me! ☆Natural Hair Lover ☆SkinCare,Beauty & Fashion Explorer ☆FitMOM ☆Eczema and PCOS Fighter✊

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