Style Talk: Auburn yarn twists!

So as you already may or may not know from a few posts back, I was prepping for my yarn twists back in June/July but things got put on hold due to me packing and moving into a new home… So therefore I actually didn’t get to complete my style until after the 4th of July Holiday #SadFace ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ….. and I have not had internet or access to post about it until now so here is your update… 

The Yarn I used, I made sure my hair was well moisturized with leave in conditioner before applying the twists.

Here is my half finished look at a Zumba glow party class and before the 4th of July.

***Here is my completed styleโžกโžก

I was going to go for the whole yarn loc/wraps look but that just took way to much time that i did NOT have so i just stuck with the yarn twists and i LOVED IT!!! Instead of doing an ombre of brown and cream, I just used the auburn/brown yarn mostly with a few pops here and there of the cream because i was just to scared of the loud color lol (maybe next time).

 Here are a few more photos while i was wearing this style–>

I am currently rocking rocking a curly wig but only when on the go since most of the time I’ve been home due to being sickly, My hair has been worn freely. I think i may do some more yarn twists one more time this year but longer and new colors,especially since the weather is starting to cool-down. I am reaching my 5 year anniversary so i do have some plans for my hair moving forward after many ups and downs during my journey i do feel like im embarking into a new journey with my hair,body and even spiritually as well… so stay tuned because i will keep you posted!

***COMMENT below if you liked this post,any questions, share you story or photos if you’ve had yarn twists/locs I’d love to hear about it!


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