I love getting to know the members of this community and all the diversity that comes with it!  All the different Cultures,Communities and Styles just amazes & inspires me! 

If you would like to submit and share a story and/or photographs! Feel free to do so anytime by coming to this page. I would love to add it to this site after reviewing and approving it first, If you do not want a shout out on any of my social networks but still want to share then please include that within your message and it can just be between me and you…. Also taking any questions you may have. 

So, how to submit?

It’s as easy as a slice of pie! All you have to do is fill out the contact form below. Make sure to include the following info about yourself:


  • Your name
  • Any contact info such as Facebook,twitter etc. you may want to share.
  • City and State.
  • Send all photos to mrselegantlynatural


Topics you can submit below:

  • Your natural hair story w/ or w/o pictures
  • Your health & fitness story/transformation
  • Your beauty regimen
  • Fashion photos
  • Spoken word/poetry
  • Information about your company (including Links and photos)
  • Event Information (including photo & links)
  • Your Favorite Beauty products,how you use them within your regimen and why.


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