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Naturalista’s are going GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day!!

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! Check out some of these natural goddesses are rocking their green coils not curls!! I am loving the boldness that has grown within this community😍💚💚💚

Would you dare to go green?? 

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Styled By Mar: Red & Black Yarn Twists

I may hate doing my own hair sometimes but i love learning and exploring different styles on family and friends if they let me😊😊!!

After seeing my latest yarn twists style,My dear friend Annette asked me to do her first set of yarn twists and it turned out soo beautiful!! Take a look at the photos below…

Here is a even close look ….

CUTE right?? I just loved this look on her and she has such fine textured hair so it was a little different on the grip but it still turned our great and secure!! 👌👌👌

Tell me what you think about this style below in the commets!! ♡♡

Style Talk: Auburn yarn twists!

So as you already may or may not know from a few posts back, I was prepping for my yarn twists back in June/July but things got put on hold due to me packing and moving into a new home… So therefore I actually didn’t get to complete my style until after the 4th of July Holiday #SadFace 😦 ….. and I have not had internet or access to post about it until now so here is your update… 

The Yarn I used, I made sure my hair was well moisturized with leave in conditioner before applying the twists.

Here is my half finished look at a Zumba glow party class and before the 4th of July.

***Here is my completed style➡➡

I was going to go for the whole yarn loc/wraps look but that just took way to much time that i did NOT have so i just stuck with the yarn twists and i LOVED IT!!! Instead of doing an ombre of brown and cream, I just used the auburn/brown yarn mostly with a few pops here and there of the cream because i was just to scared of the loud color lol (maybe next time).

 Here are a few more photos while i was wearing this style–>

I am currently rocking rocking a curly wig but only when on the go since most of the time I’ve been home due to being sickly, My hair has been worn freely. I think i may do some more yarn twists one more time this year but longer and new colors,especially since the weather is starting to cool-down. I am reaching my 5 year anniversary so i do have some plans for my hair moving forward after many ups and downs during my journey i do feel like im embarking into a new journey with my hair,body and even spiritually as well… so stay tuned because i will keep you posted!

***COMMENT below if you liked this post,any questions, share you story or photos if you’ve had yarn twists/locs I’d love to hear about it!

Seductive Nights/ Spring Photo Shoot 3/12/16


So this past Spring I had an amazing photo shoot with a young talented lady who goes by the name @LadyAlcoImages on instagram  (where I discovered her). She is a  Ohio photographer and makeup artist and although it was my first real professional shoot in many years,she made me feel really comfortable and the images came out just great! I recommend that if you are gonna be in Ohio especially Columbus,OH then you need to make sure that you check her out! She even offers makeup lessons and personal shopping services too. Her website is ➡ 👌👌

I was able to capture 3 looks for healthy living,fashion and seductive. As you can see the seductive scene was my fave but I enjoyed myself a lot! The photographer was only 18 and was very mature and talented for a senior in high school with major goals for college and more. I traveled a distance from home but it was also a mini self-cation as well that I surely enjoyed.

I do plan to wotk with her again atleast before the snow hits again atleast, if not for a shoot then atleast get my face dolled up again lol😉


My hair was in a custom made U-Part wig created by my stylist Sharise at  Love Hair LLC. located here in Cleveland,OH. She created this look using Mayvenn Hair extensions as she is a distributor for them. I ordered the curl pattern called ‘deep wave’ and i must say that the hair was pricey but worth it because the quality was amazing and could be washed and used for later if I choose! Checkout their website here ➡

I did not use any relaxers or texturizers. My leave out was naturally silk pressed with minimum heat and I used a edge control smoother. 

 5 star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 experience over all 👍👏👏


💄Makeup & Photos by @ladyalcoimages.  

💁Hair by @mayvennhair @mayvennnhair 

💇Hair stylist @love_hair_llc_ 


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Natural Father-Daughter Love! ❤❤


These photos of father’s and daughters with natural hair just stole my heart today!!

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Hairstyle Files: My Holiday Perm Rod Set

Hey luvs ❤ ❤ !!! Hope you guys all enjoyed your holidays no matter if you got a break to spend with your loved ones or not and i hope you enjoyed all the goodies that holidays have to offer. My holidays were great especially spending it with my husband and kids while they were all on break for almost 3 weeks!!!!… We were going to go out but we decided to spend the whole break indoors together, but i still decided to get dolled up for both Christmas and the New Year holiday. It was so hard for me to decide on what to do with my hair because of my new big chop and color as i talked more about in a previous post here –>  “Big Chop #2“. Its like going natural all over again in so many ways because now i have color added so my hair doesnt react the same with certain products i used to use to achieve styles such as twist and bantu knot outs so im experimenting again and its fun but sometimes can get irritating if short on time and the style turns out to be a fail.

I decided that i haven’t done a rod set in a long time and i never did one on my shorter hair before when i big chopped for the first time back in 2011 so i figured why not see how it would turn out now.   I was so worried about how this was going to turn out mostly because i didn’t have much products to work with at the moment of time, but with confidence i proceeded and it came out wayy better than i could of imagined.










I didn’t get a picture of me with the rollers in my head but here are the rollers,tools and the products that i used to achieve this style–> 



 I kept my rods in for 1 whole day before i took it down because i wanted it to be completely dry so that it wouldn’t interrupt the curls to much or create to much frizz.  Here is two pics below of my hair after removing the rods and before i fluffed it out. —>


As you can see it turned out great and super curly, i almost didnt want to take it down! After wearing it just like this for about 2 hours i decided i would style it and use an afro pick to fluff the roots and add some volume…..



Rod Set Take Down



I loved it so much that i decided to do it again for new years eve, but i think i need to get some rods that are a little bigger because it did take me forever with those tiny rods lol. I would love to try some flexi rods and see how that turn out!


Summer Series: How To Use Humectant Based Products To Retain Moisture For Your Natural Hair!

ceba2ad3de9700b20846d3b8a9cb6d99 Summer is officially here and its time to prevent & protect the hot and dry weather from sucking out the moisture from our natural curly-coily hair!  Most of us natural just can’t get around changing our regimens due to the season changes and we do our best to make sure that whatever we do that we are comfortable and our hair is cute and most of all manageable during all year round! I would get more worried about my hair in the summer since i just couldn’t seem to keep a style long and/or avoiding my hair to lose shape and swell while i was out….Which is why last summer i started doing some research on how to retain moisture for all dry weather conditions but especially for that hot and humid weather and how the ingredients in my products can help me achieve this goal. As i was researching i found out that the answer was in Humectants! Using products with humectants can help your hair retain moisture while you are outdoors.  Below i’m sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way and hopefully you can benefit from it yourself! 



What Are Humectants?


Humectants are frequently used in hair & beauty products because of their ability to attract moisture from the air and into the hair shaft and this all applies to the skin too (eg. glycerin,aloe vera,honey,agave,). Its pure science really and understanding can help you use it to your advantage within your regimen especially if you have dry skin or dry to damaged hair. Now understand that if there is too much moisture such as on a humid or rainy days then the humectants will attract too much water to the hair from the wet environment causing your hair to swell and may result in becoming big and frizzy because its just sucking up all that good old moisture in the air. High Porosity hair is more at risk for this problem than low or non-porous hair, which is why knowing your hair porosity levels is very important and i will make a post about this very soon that will let you know how to do a diy test to find out more about it. Humectants can come in great use for all dry weather conditions. **Although with hair during the colder months and in extreme low humidity conditions, humectants may draw water out of the  hair shaft causing possible damage or breakage so you may want to use caution and either avoid humectants all together during these conditions (which is best) or just use in moderation** I know its hard to determine the day to day weather as mother nature can change her mind at anytime, but do your best to pay attention to weather and go by that.

Also here is some very informative links explaining more in depth about humectants and the weather→



What is a Dew Point? →



Determining the dew points is very important to decide if your going to use humectants or not and this means it is mostly based on the degrees and not on how hot or cold it is. Below is a quick breakdown for dew point ranges and humectant uses that i found on and it helped me alot to understand dew points much better.


Dry Dew Point: 15-30 degrees (-1 C)

  • Typically these are the winter months.
  • Avoid humectants if possible.
  • Use leave in conditioners.
  • Use light hold products.
  • Use plenty of emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

Mid-Range Dew Point: 30-40 degrees (-1 to 4 C)

  • In  between seasons, this will require trial and error to see what your hair likes.
  • Some curls tolerate humectants in this range, some don’t.
  • Use emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

Best Dew Point for Curls: 40-60 degrees (4 to 16 C)

  • You will enjoy the best curls at this dew point.
  • Keep your hair moisturized.
  • Humectants can be used.
  • Use emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

High Dew Point: 60 (16C ) +

  • May skip a leave in conditioner.
  • Hard hold products like gels. You will want to control your hair.
  • May want to avoid humectants.
  • Use emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

Also watch these informative videos on dew points below→


You can find Humectants in hair products such as:

  • Natural Butters
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Pomades
  • Most gels
  • Most Leave-In Conditioners


eco-styler-gel  Aubrey-Organics-Conditioner-Honeysuckle-Rose-749985051118215953816 humectant_honey glycerine-humectant   I bet your wondering  just how you are going to identify these humectants, well all you have to do is look at your ingredients listings on the back of your products! there you will find most of the common humectants such ass glycerin,Honey,glucose,panthenol and many more which are all listed below. The big words can be a little over whelming but if you save this list or right it down then you shouldnt have a problem when the time comes to take a look at a new product or a product you already had.

A LIST OF HUMECTANTS:2010-raw-materials

  • Butylene Glycol
  • 1,2,6 hexanetriol
  • Dipropylene glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Hexylene Glycol
  • Panthenol
  • Phytantriol — enhances moisture-retention, increases absorption of vitamins, panthenol, and amino acids into hair shaft, imparts gloss
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sodium PCA
  • Sorbitol
  • Triethylene glycol
  • Polyglyceryl sorbitol
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Polydextrose
  • Potassium PCA
  • Urea
  • Hydrogenated Honey
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Inositol
  • Hexanediol beeswax
  • Hexanetriol Beeswax
  • Hydrolyzed Elastin
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Silk
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Erythritol
  • Capryl glycol
  • Isoceteth-(3-10, 20, 30)
  • Isolaureth-(3-10, 20, 30)
  • Laneth-(5-50)
  • Laureth-(1-30)
  • Steareth-(4-20)
  • Trideceth-(5-50)

(found list of humectants here-> For more on common humectants used in hair products CLICK HERE








My Daughters Protective Style: MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT FLAT TWISTS!

spring_rainsWell spring/summer is here and most of us know what that weather can do to our hair, going from really hot and dry weather to humid and moist can only cause our hair to go from pretty to a hot tangled mess if not very careful. I honestly think that for those who are busy and on the go most of the time and can hardly find the time to do their hair should wear a protective style in the warmer weather especially because its already hot and not only do you wanna look good,protect your hair and get work done but you also want to enjoy the beautiful sunny days without taking up most of your night prepping or most of your day styling!  ….Right ladies?  Of course do not leave a protective style in no longer than 2-3 months and be sure to let your hair breath for a week in between styles, do a deep conditioning treatment and really love your hair during the “in between times”.



Ok so speaking of protective styling in the spring/summer, ive been trying new styles on my daughters hair but she mostly has been wearing pin & tuck or braided styles. That is until i decided to try flatwists on her hair and i have never done it before so i was very worried on how this was going to look lol but it turned out pretty well. 



So as you can see they were pretty nice and neat too, I completed this style on freshly washed and heatless stretched hair. Only products that i applied to her hair was coconut oil after washing and applying leave in conditioner the night before and the next day when i styled her hair i applied coconut oil again;which promoted a lot of natural shine to her hair.


 After flat twisting the front, my baby boy started becoming really fussy so i had to come up with something quick and simply to pin this girls head up and protect those ends at the same time because this weather just crazy and going from hot,cold to rain but hey that spring for you…. Above you will see that her hair is in two large flat twists with the ends tucked away, making sure no pins are to tight or easy to fall out either.

 This style lasted me about 1 week mon-sun then since she stays playing on the floor and likes to play crazy at school too, i had to take down and refresh weekly so she been rocking this style since mid may up until now but i already took it out and deep conditioned etc for the past couple weeks so it time for the next protective style and i think it will be some braids with beads since she haven’t been rocking that style for a long time and i will be posting pictures of that style too.





When it come to your natural hair do you experience major shrinkage, and if so are you a shrinkage lover or hater? For me its whenever i do wash and goes my hair gets the most shrinkage and only then is when it bothers me alot more versus when i do other styles. I personally love and prefer styles that promotes elongation because it usually keeps my hair detangled as much as possible.

700716939080935133_187830296 Now that being said, it doesn’t mean that i try to avoid shrinkage like my life depends on it either. When i where an out style and i happen to get frizz or shrinkage from the summer weather,being active or from working out; i don’t get super mad and irritated with my hair because i know that its just my hair and that’s what it does sometimes so i except it and move on. I even run into people asking me questions like – do your hair grow? Isn’t that hair irritating to deal with? or the ultimate famous one – why don’t you just get a sew in weave until it grows out longer?…. I mean its not that serious, LOVE YOUR HAIR PEOPLE! We have to take the good with the bad and learn as we go. Im not against weaves or anything either, im a huge fan of switching it up but im not in noway going to do it as a way to cover up my hair and i will make sure whatever im doing to my hair that it will be as safe as possible for not only my hair but for my body as a whole too.
6694_126965994987_653824987_3045145_1915894_n I know some of you naturals be like “I cannot take it anymore” and be ready to cut it off or avoid certain styles because of this issue and i am here to tell you to make the best of it and keep a scarf, accessories or pins on hand to dress it up a bit while your on the go and enjoy your funky style because what that shrinkage and/or frizz is good for, is giving you some major personality while changing your style up without not even noticing it. So if you know that your gonna be active or working out then make sure to wear a protecive style with your natural hair, if your to stressed for time to do some quick twists or braids then something as easy as a bun,pineapple, any updo or pin and tuck style will help maintain frizz and shrinkage (at least keep it from being noticeable). But if its warm or moist outside or if you just have to wear an “out style” such as a wash-n-go or twist out then be prepared for shrinkage and have that good old scarf or accessory on hand to jazz it up.


I think most people are more worried about how they look and what people are saying than knowing their beauty no matter what and just excepting their hair and what it does. Believe it or not but alot of people admire our natural hair the most when its frizzy and when we think it looks a hot mess. It’s like a special secret that you only know, I say as long as you know how long your hair is and the progress you have made thus far then that’s all that matters at the end of the day, you do not have to prove yourself to nobody else.If you want to show off your progress then document with photos,vlog or even blog about it and show the world but don’t feel that your hair have to be perfection daily and that you have to reveal your length at all times because its not worth the stress,struggle or the disappointment. Again, this is for you naturals who rock your hair in its kinky/curly natural state most of the time.

So im going to end this off by saying …. Embrace your natural hair and its ups & downs, know your beauty, and most of all make the best of it during those hard times.

How do you prefer your man in your life to wear his hair if you’re a naturalista?


Since I went natural I’ve been noticing a lot of interesting natural hair styles on men, some very normal, some very hot and some just off the charts crazy! I recently ran into the discussion on how women who wear their own hair naturally wavy, curly or kinky feel when it comes to their taste in men and mostly on how they prefer them to rock their hair and/or if they care if men would perm/texturize their hair, and a lot of women preferred for men to rock the natural look the most rather its long or short. This goes for people of all races and communities.


What do I think?… Well I love my man to be natural just like me and this is true even before I became a naturalista myself because I just thought it was sexy, had nothing to do with it making him look more like a man or nothing homophobic either, it just was hot to me for a man to wear his natural hair the way it grown out his head rather it was kinky,curly or wavy, im also a huge lover of locs on men with hair rather its long or shorter length. However i do prefer for my man to rock his hair shorter or bald even.

afro1fro hh5

Im so into a clean look before a more rough look especially on my husband, he goes through his stages where he wants to grow it out to a mini fro then next thing I know he has a fade or if im lucky he will even wear it bald which to me he looks his best when he rocks the bald clean look vs anything else (even tho he really dont like it himself and prefer a faded cut) because i think it just adds some youth but at the same time its very mature looking and sexy. My husband at one time wanted locs but was scared of what it would look like when his hair started to thin out in the crown more so he changed his mind.

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At the end of the day, i support all hairstyles on men but when it comes to the the men in my life im a sucker for fresh clean styles even with locs i have seen men who wear them roughly and ive seen some who has worn them clean in a professional manner (but thats a whole other blog post for the future).

So, what about you.. Would you prefer your man to be natural just like you? Do you like your man to rock it long,short,braids,fro,loose or bald, or does it even matter to you? Please feel free to share in comments below about your choice,your thoughts,why and anything else you want to share on this topic!