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My Natural Hair Update: Feb 2015 (1 of 2)

Well l ❤ v’s its already the second month of the new year of 2015 and I really didn’t set any personal resolutions besides focusing on reaching new levels in the goals I already had. However after these last few months it has been a little challaging since I colored my hair and did my second big chop. This new color has changed my hair in so many ways (which I already was aware of possible changes) with Issues including but not limited to dryness and porosity change but I have finally stop letting this drive me crazy and just enjoy the learning process. It’s just like I’m newly natural all over again and have to learn what works for my hair and I’m ok with that only because I’ve been here already before so I know that ‘this to shall pass’ and learn as I go while taking the good with the bad.

I will say that my hair is in way better shape than it was in November, and that’s mainly because I changed up my regimen just a little by adding more deep conditioning and moisture,moisture moisture lol… On another note,I will be getting my starter locs in very soon and im very excited about this new journey although I know for awhile things will be pretty much the same when it comes to my hair maintenance until it grows out more or during times I can’t afford to go to the shop etc. (Which I hope don’t happens) but I will still be sharing what I’m doing with my kids hair,skin/beauty topics, and hauls as well so stay tuned!



Big Chop #2 and Color Update

♥Hello Luvs!! I know you guys haven’t heard from me since the summer due to life getting in the way and my computer being in the shop for repair it has been extremely hard to keep my blog active. Although i still do not have a good camera to really show off my hairstyles and all that good stuff, i will still try my best to blog as often as i can!


During the spring of 2014 my hair suffered from neglect,stress and lack of care for the most part. I wasn’t moisturizing daily,prepping my hair for bed,applying my special treatments or covering it nightly and to make it worse i was always keeping it covered with a wig,scarf or bonnet when i went out and around the house (terrible i know smh). Somehow life & motherhood took a hold  and i could no longer fit me in the mix!

During the summer i did a light blowout & length check and it grew longer but when i took a closer look at the pictures i noticed that my ends were very thin and dried out (I don’t think it was heat damage because before this light blowout i haven’t used heat in almost a year)…. –>


Summer 2014 Blowout & Length Check



Yup pretty great progress until i looked closer 😦 –>  JUNE2014_lengthcheck (3) JUNE2014_lengthcheck (2)

Sad to say but even though i seen this with my own two eyes the neglect and some bad habits still continued throughout the whole summer,mostly because i wanted to hold on to my length i had achieved but i had to get real with myself because my hair looked and felt exactly how i was feeling inside and i knew for a fact that i needed to get back on track and SOON not just with my hair but with myself entirely!

Since fall was arriving i had enough and decided to give myself a trim which lead to basically a second big chop…..yea i said it… Big chop #2! I wanted a fresh start and to get rid of all or atleast most of the damaged ends soooo i grabbed my shears and went to town 😛 –>

Big Chop #2


It felt so good to just start over and although i didn’t cut it as short as i did when i first BC’d it was still a huge difference from how long it was before. At the end of the day i realized and reminded myself that its just hair and most of all its MY hair and this journey is mines alone so why not?!



It doesn’t end there, since it was a journey to a fresh start and new me i figured “hey why not get my hair colored?”….. and i went for it! Thanks to the amazing staff at this well known salon here in Cleveland,Ohio called ‘So Curly,So Kinky,So Straight’, the color came out exactly how i wanted it so there is no regrets.


Official Website-

Official FB Page-


My choice was not to get a full head color treatment. I wanted a ombre effect by keeping the roots my dark natural color and just coloring my ends a lighter auburn-brownish hue, mostly because i do plan to get my starter locs sometime after the new year and i thought that would look so cute on them as they grow out –>

sept 2014- big chop & color

New Hair Color & BC


What are the pros & cons of coloring my hair?

Well as of right now being a ‘colored naturalista’ for only going on 3 months now the only con i can say is that i’m struggling with dryness and still figuring out what products work and what doesn’t especially when it comes to my 4c kinky coarse hair type. I’ve noticed that since coloring my hair it has become fragile and sensitive so i must treat it with even more care especially now so neglect is not an option or it will be in worse shape than it was before.

This is a new journey for me and my hair so i’m taking it one day at a time but i promise i will keep you guys posted and updated as much as i can so until next time feel free to comment below with any feedback,advice,questions and/or concerns!!!

Summer Series: How To Use Humectant Based Products To Retain Moisture For Your Natural Hair!

ceba2ad3de9700b20846d3b8a9cb6d99 Summer is officially here and its time to prevent & protect the hot and dry weather from sucking out the moisture from our natural curly-coily hair!  Most of us natural just can’t get around changing our regimens due to the season changes and we do our best to make sure that whatever we do that we are comfortable and our hair is cute and most of all manageable during all year round! I would get more worried about my hair in the summer since i just couldn’t seem to keep a style long and/or avoiding my hair to lose shape and swell while i was out….Which is why last summer i started doing some research on how to retain moisture for all dry weather conditions but especially for that hot and humid weather and how the ingredients in my products can help me achieve this goal. As i was researching i found out that the answer was in Humectants! Using products with humectants can help your hair retain moisture while you are outdoors.  Below i’m sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way and hopefully you can benefit from it yourself! 



What Are Humectants?


Humectants are frequently used in hair & beauty products because of their ability to attract moisture from the air and into the hair shaft and this all applies to the skin too (eg. glycerin,aloe vera,honey,agave,). Its pure science really and understanding can help you use it to your advantage within your regimen especially if you have dry skin or dry to damaged hair. Now understand that if there is too much moisture such as on a humid or rainy days then the humectants will attract too much water to the hair from the wet environment causing your hair to swell and may result in becoming big and frizzy because its just sucking up all that good old moisture in the air. High Porosity hair is more at risk for this problem than low or non-porous hair, which is why knowing your hair porosity levels is very important and i will make a post about this very soon that will let you know how to do a diy test to find out more about it. Humectants can come in great use for all dry weather conditions. **Although with hair during the colder months and in extreme low humidity conditions, humectants may draw water out of the  hair shaft causing possible damage or breakage so you may want to use caution and either avoid humectants all together during these conditions (which is best) or just use in moderation** I know its hard to determine the day to day weather as mother nature can change her mind at anytime, but do your best to pay attention to weather and go by that.

Also here is some very informative links explaining more in depth about humectants and the weather→



What is a Dew Point? →



Determining the dew points is very important to decide if your going to use humectants or not and this means it is mostly based on the degrees and not on how hot or cold it is. Below is a quick breakdown for dew point ranges and humectant uses that i found on and it helped me alot to understand dew points much better.


Dry Dew Point: 15-30 degrees (-1 C)

  • Typically these are the winter months.
  • Avoid humectants if possible.
  • Use leave in conditioners.
  • Use light hold products.
  • Use plenty of emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

Mid-Range Dew Point: 30-40 degrees (-1 to 4 C)

  • In  between seasons, this will require trial and error to see what your hair likes.
  • Some curls tolerate humectants in this range, some don’t.
  • Use emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

Best Dew Point for Curls: 40-60 degrees (4 to 16 C)

  • You will enjoy the best curls at this dew point.
  • Keep your hair moisturized.
  • Humectants can be used.
  • Use emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

High Dew Point: 60 (16C ) +

  • May skip a leave in conditioner.
  • Hard hold products like gels. You will want to control your hair.
  • May want to avoid humectants.
  • Use emollients (moisturizing oils,conditioners,creams,milks,shea butter)

Also watch these informative videos on dew points below→


You can find Humectants in hair products such as:

  • Natural Butters
  • Conditioning Treatments
  • Pomades
  • Most gels
  • Most Leave-In Conditioners


eco-styler-gel  Aubrey-Organics-Conditioner-Honeysuckle-Rose-749985051118215953816 humectant_honey glycerine-humectant   I bet your wondering  just how you are going to identify these humectants, well all you have to do is look at your ingredients listings on the back of your products! there you will find most of the common humectants such ass glycerin,Honey,glucose,panthenol and many more which are all listed below. The big words can be a little over whelming but if you save this list or right it down then you shouldnt have a problem when the time comes to take a look at a new product or a product you already had.

A LIST OF HUMECTANTS:2010-raw-materials

  • Butylene Glycol
  • 1,2,6 hexanetriol
  • Dipropylene glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Hexylene Glycol
  • Panthenol
  • Phytantriol — enhances moisture-retention, increases absorption of vitamins, panthenol, and amino acids into hair shaft, imparts gloss
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sodium PCA
  • Sorbitol
  • Triethylene glycol
  • Polyglyceryl sorbitol
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Polydextrose
  • Potassium PCA
  • Urea
  • Hydrogenated Honey
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Inositol
  • Hexanediol beeswax
  • Hexanetriol Beeswax
  • Hydrolyzed Elastin
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen
  • Hydrolyzed Silk
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Erythritol
  • Capryl glycol
  • Isoceteth-(3-10, 20, 30)
  • Isolaureth-(3-10, 20, 30)
  • Laneth-(5-50)
  • Laureth-(1-30)
  • Steareth-(4-20)
  • Trideceth-(5-50)

(found list of humectants here-> For more on common humectants used in hair products CLICK HERE