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My Natural Hair Update: Feb 2015 (2 of 2)

Hey L ❤ ‘s … I must say that it feels so good to be 3 years natural and i admit it was not a easy road but i learned so much throughout all my ups and down so i don’t regret the choice i made at all. That being said.. i have just been craving for a change within my natural hair journey although for awhile now and i just had no clue what that could be and i started thinking that ive always loved locs/dreadlocks so why not experience having them in my real hair. Now it took me almost 6 months plus to make this decision and go forward because i wasn’t sure if i wanted loc extensions,comb twist method,palm roll method,interlock method and/or if it was going to be something completely for me and my lifestyle…. Well after lots of research and reaching out to locticians,stylists,and groups on social media i realized the answer was YES!

StarterLocsFEB2015 (1)StarterLocsFEB2015 (2)My comb twists starter locs came out amazing! This February 2015 is a beginning of a new journey with my natural hair and im beyond excited to see the growth process. I can admit that i am going to miss my freely loose natural hair but like i said it was time for a change and something a little less managing with my busy lifestyle and plus one thing ive learned during research online is that locs are very versatile. Im loving my new hairstyle and ill keep you guys posted on my experience as times goes by.



I have been following this amazing loctician & natural hair stylist here in Cleveland for about 1 year now i do believe,she goes by the name of Tarsha Dixon and i fell in love with her work,passion and personality from the start so i already had my mind set that when i make this choice i would be going to her no doubt. She has been in the industry for well over 10 years and specialize in locs, she used to have a home based business but she now has a shop and she has lots of proof of her talent right here on social media. The salon was very private and relaxing, she fixed me some tea that was amazing and there wasn’t that feeling of being rushed through the process. Her uplifting personality and customer service was the best and id recommend her to everybody i know. So if you are in the Cleveland area or planning a visit soon and your interested in getting locs,an updo style or even just a two strand twist and hair treatments then please check her out!


Contact Details:

House of Beautiful Locs (Natural hair salon)
24723 Cedar Rd. Suite # 7
Sola Salon in Legacy village// House of Beautiful Locs
Lyndhurst, OH, 44124

STYLE SEAT (online booking): 







**Take a little sneak peek at some of Tarsha’s reviews (including my own)**




Summer Series & Article Spotlight: How to Protect Your Hair While Swimming + videos and pictures!


Hey naturals! Summer is almost here…..and i am sure you  all are ready to hit up the ocean, pools,amusement parks and more to stay cool. Want to know some ways to protect your hair while swimming? I know i sure did when i first went natural, because i was worried about the chlorine etc. in the water and if it would damage my hair or not… But over the couple years I’ve been natural, I learned that there is always a way for our hair to manage in all situations.

Fotolia_2640356_Subscription_XL-450x300 naturalhair_swimming1

There is a pre-swim regimen and a post-swim regimen that coats and protects the hair to prevent dryness,damage and major frizz from chlorine and sea salt. Now for me i also love to use a swim cap along with these regimens because it prevents the water from having to much contact with the hair, however if you have longer hair this option is still possible but you will have to do a twisted or braided protective style and make sure that it is as flat as possible so that the cap will fit and there are other options as well besides wearing a cap. This is a great thing to know especially if you have children.  Below are directions on how to protect your hair while swimming, rather you are in a pool or at the beach this is going to do wonders for your wavy,curly,kinky natural hair!

PREPARATION (before swimming):

  • 1. SATURATE YOUR HAIR WITH TAP WATER-  Drench your hair with regular tap water by using spray bottle or in the shower because doing this before swimming will soak up less chlorine (or sea salt) than if you was to go swim with dry hair.


  • 2. APPLY A PENETRATING OIL –   Apply a ton of coconut oil all over your hair and scalp before going swimming, this will provide extra protection against chlorine or sea salt (For even more protection apply coconut oil the night before,twist and wrap hair up for the night then just wake up the next day,soak hair with water again and continue the rest of the steps below). You can also apply castor oil same as you would the coconut oil.


  • 3. COAT HAIR W/ CONDITIONER or SERUM(optional)– Then coat your hair with either regular conditioner,a cream leave in conditioner or a serum (this will create a barrier of protection between your hair strands and the chlorine).  Some people prefer to skip this step and just stick with just applying the coconut oil or their shea butter/coconut oil mix as a barrier and coat because they do not want conditioner to be all over their body or in their mouth tasting it while swimming [yuck].


  • 4. PROTECTIVE STYLE HAIR- After creating a barrier on your hair strands then its time to style your hair for the pool. It’s best to avoid leaving your hair loose as this may cause your hair to tangle or become matted which is more work for you after. So try quick styles like a high bun,pin &  tuck or 1-2 large braids/flat twists,  If you have even more time then put into as many single twists or braids as possible then pin up so you won’t have to worry about your hair hanging down making you hot  (If you have to wear your hair loose then you cannot skip adding the conditioner or a thick oil such as castor oil as explained in step 3 above to be safe).


  • 5. WEAR A SWIM CAP(optional)– You may also put on a swim cap if you like, this will create even more protection by making sure most of your hair will not have any contact with the water and remain dry. You may get edges wet so be prepared to pay lots of attention to that area after swimming for post hair care but at least it wasn’t your whole head and if the cap is not possible for you to do or you just not feeling it then you can always skip it altogether.


POST SWIM CARE (after swimming):

  • 6. SHAMPOO HAIR- Rinse thoroughly with water then shampoo,you wanna make sure that it’s a clarifying shampoo (especially if you used a shea butter/coconut oil mix as you barrier) to make sure there is no build up left behind. You also want to make sure that the shampoo you choose is 100% vegan,sulfate free and/or paraben free. There are tons of swimmer friendly shampoos out there that are perfect for natural hair of all types.  Here are a few great shampoos to choose from –>

    ION Sulfate free Swimmers shampoo


    EverSleek Reparative Sulfate-Free & Silicone Free Shampoo


    Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying sulfate-free shampoo


    Malibu Well Water Clarifying Shampoo, 100% vegan and free of sulfates, parabens and gluten.


    Moroccan oil Color-safe Clarifying Shampoo Sulfate-free


    Nothing But Clarifying Shampoo

  • 7. CONDITION- Condition your hair as usual, you may do a hot oil  or deep conditioning treatment if you feel its needed then moisturize & style as you desire (you need to put back as much moisture as possible, i recommend the L.O.C method after conditioning).


*****NOTE: Even if you have micros,box braids,kinky twists etc. already in your head you still want to follow steps 1-3 for prep and all steps for post swim to make sure your hair underneath is still getting the protection and treatment it needs)*****

 These links below are some of the best I’ve found and they should help too. Good luck and have fun this summer! 





images braid-twist-hairstyles-headband-3img_20130406_120316img_2069roll-and-tuck1P12200061 1147087_f260 twists-updated two-strand-twists-natural-hair-1024x576

image_26093 IMG_4434 Picture 7

Please share your thoughts and/or advice on this subject below in the comments! Have a great summer…… 

How do you prefer your man in your life to wear his hair if you’re a naturalista?


Since I went natural I’ve been noticing a lot of interesting natural hair styles on men, some very normal, some very hot and some just off the charts crazy! I recently ran into the discussion on how women who wear their own hair naturally wavy, curly or kinky feel when it comes to their taste in men and mostly on how they prefer them to rock their hair and/or if they care if men would perm/texturize their hair, and a lot of women preferred for men to rock the natural look the most rather its long or short. This goes for people of all races and communities.


What do I think?… Well I love my man to be natural just like me and this is true even before I became a naturalista myself because I just thought it was sexy, had nothing to do with it making him look more like a man or nothing homophobic either, it just was hot to me for a man to wear his natural hair the way it grown out his head rather it was kinky,curly or wavy, im also a huge lover of locs on men with hair rather its long or shorter length. However i do prefer for my man to rock his hair shorter or bald even.

afro1fro hh5

Im so into a clean look before a more rough look especially on my husband, he goes through his stages where he wants to grow it out to a mini fro then next thing I know he has a fade or if im lucky he will even wear it bald which to me he looks his best when he rocks the bald clean look vs anything else (even tho he really dont like it himself and prefer a faded cut) because i think it just adds some youth but at the same time its very mature looking and sexy. My husband at one time wanted locs but was scared of what it would look like when his hair started to thin out in the crown more so he changed his mind.

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At the end of the day, i support all hairstyles on men but when it comes to the the men in my life im a sucker for fresh clean styles even with locs i have seen men who wear them roughly and ive seen some who has worn them clean in a professional manner (but thats a whole other blog post for the future).

So, what about you.. Would you prefer your man to be natural just like you? Do you like your man to rock it long,short,braids,fro,loose or bald, or does it even matter to you? Please feel free to share in comments below about your choice,your thoughts,why and anything else you want to share on this topic!







































Current Hairstyle: Yarn Braids (Loc extension Attempt)!


THE STORY: So, recently I just got married on Feb. 27th 2014 and I was sitting there wondering “hmmm, what in the world am I going to do with my hair for my wedding day”!?…. I’ve always wanted locs/dreadlocks for the longest time so I decided that I will use this special moment to make that happen. I wanted my hair shoulder length for the wedding so I planned to go the whole loc extension route, now I researched and even asked professionals about loc methods,ideas and more. I learned that people has loc’d they hair with their own natural hair using different method such as palm roll, two strand twist, comb/coil twist and even free form. Also I learned that people use 100% human afro kinky hair, synthetic afro hair, and even YARN to loc to their hair in braid or twist form while giving them length. Since I wanted my hair longer for the wedding I leaned towards getting the extensions. I couldn’t afford the 100% human afro kinky hair at the time and I was weighing my options between the synthetic hair and the yarn to use. I decided on the synthetic hair so I contacted the loctician and let her know! The Loctician I wanted to go with at first did not do the yarn method and she rather that I buy the hair that I couldn’t afford but she did say she can do it with the synthetic if that’s what I really wanted, unfortunately she was fully booked and she had to refer me to a friend. After talking to the referred loctician she told me that it would be not only cheaper but better for her to do my loc extensions with yarn, Now mind you I don’t know much about using yarn to loc hair even though i have had yarn twists before that I did myself and I absolutely loved them! However, I was scared and just not educated enough to use this process but she was very nice and she told me that I will all eventually be mines overtime, I can take it out anytime if i change my mind and it is easy to take care of etc. so after hearing all the good about it; I surely was convinced to give it a try.

Below is the brand of yarn that I used for my hair in black and brown.

ImageImageTHE REVIEW: My hair took 2 days to get done because there was breaks but the lady was so nice and we had a lot in common so it was just a great time and I can’t complain about that at all; After my hair was done I simple loved it  and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror! It was tight but not so tight that I felt like I had to take it out right away like some hairstyles I’ve had done in the past by stylist’s, my hair loosened up in just 3 days after it was done.

This hairstyle is amazing but i don’t think its a good idea to use this method to loc your hair permanently because the two textures look totally different as it grows out even a little at the root so imagine as it grows out and you get it re-twisted and you can see the two textures – not cute at all right? I started really thinking about it and had mixture thoughts about it, then I realized that I only wanted my hair longer for my wedding and that I don’t have to keep these in to loc my hair because I’m not ashamed of my length of my own natural hair so why not just enjoy the full journey of locs by starting them on my hair and no extension added! So i decided that when these come out which will probably be in may; I will get my hair in starter locs and start a whole new journey with my natural hair… I’m excited!! wish me luck!


Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave advice,feedback and comment below!