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My Natural Hair Update: Feb 2015 (2 of 2)

Hey L ❤ ‘s … I must say that it feels so good to be 3 years natural and i admit it was not a easy road but i learned so much throughout all my ups and down so i don’t regret the choice i made at all. That being said.. i have just been craving for a change within my natural hair journey although for awhile now and i just had no clue what that could be and i started thinking that ive always loved locs/dreadlocks so why not experience having them in my real hair. Now it took me almost 6 months plus to make this decision and go forward because i wasn’t sure if i wanted loc extensions,comb twist method,palm roll method,interlock method and/or if it was going to be something completely for me and my lifestyle…. Well after lots of research and reaching out to locticians,stylists,and groups on social media i realized the answer was YES!

StarterLocsFEB2015 (1)StarterLocsFEB2015 (2)My comb twists starter locs came out amazing! This February 2015 is a beginning of a new journey with my natural hair and im beyond excited to see the growth process. I can admit that i am going to miss my freely loose natural hair but like i said it was time for a change and something a little less managing with my busy lifestyle and plus one thing ive learned during research online is that locs are very versatile. Im loving my new hairstyle and ill keep you guys posted on my experience as times goes by.



I have been following this amazing loctician & natural hair stylist here in Cleveland for about 1 year now i do believe,she goes by the name of Tarsha Dixon and i fell in love with her work,passion and personality from the start so i already had my mind set that when i make this choice i would be going to her no doubt. She has been in the industry for well over 10 years and specialize in locs, she used to have a home based business but she now has a shop and she has lots of proof of her talent right here on social media. The salon was very private and relaxing, she fixed me some tea that was amazing and there wasn’t that feeling of being rushed through the process. Her uplifting personality and customer service was the best and id recommend her to everybody i know. So if you are in the Cleveland area or planning a visit soon and your interested in getting locs,an updo style or even just a two strand twist and hair treatments then please check her out!


Contact Details:

House of Beautiful Locs (Natural hair salon)
24723 Cedar Rd. Suite # 7
Sola Salon in Legacy village// House of Beautiful Locs
Lyndhurst, OH, 44124

STYLE SEAT (online booking): 







**Take a little sneak peek at some of Tarsha’s reviews (including my own)**



My Natural Hair Update: Feb 2015 (1 of 2)

Well l ❤ v’s its already the second month of the new year of 2015 and I really didn’t set any personal resolutions besides focusing on reaching new levels in the goals I already had. However after these last few months it has been a little challaging since I colored my hair and did my second big chop. This new color has changed my hair in so many ways (which I already was aware of possible changes) with Issues including but not limited to dryness and porosity change but I have finally stop letting this drive me crazy and just enjoy the learning process. It’s just like I’m newly natural all over again and have to learn what works for my hair and I’m ok with that only because I’ve been here already before so I know that ‘this to shall pass’ and learn as I go while taking the good with the bad.

I will say that my hair is in way better shape than it was in November, and that’s mainly because I changed up my regimen just a little by adding more deep conditioning and moisture,moisture moisture lol… On another note,I will be getting my starter locs in very soon and im very excited about this new journey although I know for awhile things will be pretty much the same when it comes to my hair maintenance until it grows out more or during times I can’t afford to go to the shop etc. (Which I hope don’t happens) but I will still be sharing what I’m doing with my kids hair,skin/beauty topics, and hauls as well so stay tuned!


Big Chop #2 and Color Update

♥Hello Luvs!! I know you guys haven’t heard from me since the summer due to life getting in the way and my computer being in the shop for repair it has been extremely hard to keep my blog active. Although i still do not have a good camera to really show off my hairstyles and all that good stuff, i will still try my best to blog as often as i can!


During the spring of 2014 my hair suffered from neglect,stress and lack of care for the most part. I wasn’t moisturizing daily,prepping my hair for bed,applying my special treatments or covering it nightly and to make it worse i was always keeping it covered with a wig,scarf or bonnet when i went out and around the house (terrible i know smh). Somehow life & motherhood took a hold  and i could no longer fit me in the mix!

During the summer i did a light blowout & length check and it grew longer but when i took a closer look at the pictures i noticed that my ends were very thin and dried out (I don’t think it was heat damage because before this light blowout i haven’t used heat in almost a year)…. –>


Summer 2014 Blowout & Length Check



Yup pretty great progress until i looked closer 😦 –>  JUNE2014_lengthcheck (3) JUNE2014_lengthcheck (2)

Sad to say but even though i seen this with my own two eyes the neglect and some bad habits still continued throughout the whole summer,mostly because i wanted to hold on to my length i had achieved but i had to get real with myself because my hair looked and felt exactly how i was feeling inside and i knew for a fact that i needed to get back on track and SOON not just with my hair but with myself entirely!

Since fall was arriving i had enough and decided to give myself a trim which lead to basically a second big chop…..yea i said it… Big chop #2! I wanted a fresh start and to get rid of all or atleast most of the damaged ends soooo i grabbed my shears and went to town 😛 –>

Big Chop #2


It felt so good to just start over and although i didn’t cut it as short as i did when i first BC’d it was still a huge difference from how long it was before. At the end of the day i realized and reminded myself that its just hair and most of all its MY hair and this journey is mines alone so why not?!



It doesn’t end there, since it was a journey to a fresh start and new me i figured “hey why not get my hair colored?”….. and i went for it! Thanks to the amazing staff at this well known salon here in Cleveland,Ohio called ‘So Curly,So Kinky,So Straight’, the color came out exactly how i wanted it so there is no regrets.


Official Website-

Official FB Page-


My choice was not to get a full head color treatment. I wanted a ombre effect by keeping the roots my dark natural color and just coloring my ends a lighter auburn-brownish hue, mostly because i do plan to get my starter locs sometime after the new year and i thought that would look so cute on them as they grow out –>

sept 2014- big chop & color

New Hair Color & BC


What are the pros & cons of coloring my hair?

Well as of right now being a ‘colored naturalista’ for only going on 3 months now the only con i can say is that i’m struggling with dryness and still figuring out what products work and what doesn’t especially when it comes to my 4c kinky coarse hair type. I’ve noticed that since coloring my hair it has become fragile and sensitive so i must treat it with even more care especially now so neglect is not an option or it will be in worse shape than it was before.

This is a new journey for me and my hair so i’m taking it one day at a time but i promise i will keep you guys posted and updated as much as i can so until next time feel free to comment below with any feedback,advice,questions and/or concerns!!!

My Natural Hair Story


I remember the days as a child when i used to rock those thick puffs, thick ponytails and hair was long and passed my shoulders just feeling like you couldn’t tell me nothing. Shoot i sure wasn’t scared of getting wet on a hot summer day either. Until one day my mother had the brightest idea to surprise me When the process was done i had that silky straight hair, which for awhile i didn’t like it at all and i cried like a big baby especially when she would take too long to refresh the relaxer and it would be so dry and brittle! Sometimes she would have her phases where she wanted to cut the perm off and grow my natural hair so she would put in box braids during this time so that it can grow faster so she say.


My hair went through so much no wonder by time i was 13 my hair was just a mess! I started trying to do it myself (not knowing what i’m doing) and it was very bad on my self-esteem as a child especially about to start going to middle school. So by time i was 15-16 i cut my hair in a short style like toni braxton and started making sure i had me a perm on time even if it meant to go to the shop and get it done. When i did happen to get a weave then i would rock mostly glued bonded styles or a sew in which broke my hair off because of not being done correctly and removal was sometimes done by me so we all know how that went. I really grew to hate my new growth with a passion and i think i over did the retouches sometimes and felt it on my scalp in more ways than one. That relaxer was like drugs for me, so i guess you can really say i was on that “creamy crack” hard.


After all the ups and downs with my hair over the years, i was just in a place in life where i had way too many health problems as it was and i just needed a change. So of course i started doing online research and more research on natural hair and health as a whole before i completely jump in for the go; Meanwhile during this time i was having financial problem so i wasn’t able to start on the journey but i also wasn’t able to get another relaxer so i was kinda forced into starting my transition that way. As my new growth grew and i was learning more and more about natural hair care and the community. I was just loving my texture although i’m not gonna lie there was a couple times i thought maybe i should just get one more relaxer (with excuses like holidays,birthdays,other people opinions and events etc.) but i didn’t let it happen and stuck to my guns! I was falling in love with my texture and feeling like i was on a journey to a better me and i remained committed because i felt the result would be worth it.

1380250_10201447432541250_40549436_n 1381608_10201447432741255_1960478885_n

My last relaxer was in May 2011 and i finally made the choice to do the “big chop” in Dec. 2011. My natural hair journey has its ups and downs especially being a mother of three but It was and still is to this day – the best choice i’ve ever made, and i am not turning back now!  I’m learning something new about my hair and body everyday and i’m just enjoying everything about it. Being “Natural” to me is just becoming a more healthier and confident person as a whole, happy in my own skin and showing it to the world in their my own way!!


FALL 2014



My first vlog video and official launch of my YouTube Channel!







My Natural Hair Update: Fall 2013

Well Fall is almost here and not to long after that is the season i hate the most WINTER!!! Also my 2 year anniversary is Dec. 1st 2013 and i am proud to be a natural for that long but there is many regrets and set back in my journey so far that i have to make up for and get back on track.



When i went natural and did the big chop on Dec. 1st 2011 i was thriving those first 6 months and i even lost 20 pounds because of how happy i was but then i got pregnant out of nowhere while getting sick out of this world. Getting pregnant  was the last thing on my mind (mind you i was trying for 4 years and was told i would never have children) and even though i was beyond happy i had the morning sickness most of my pregnancy until the last 2-3 weeks of my pregnancy and all i wanted to do then is just eat and sleep! During this time i neglected my hair which was for the rest of that year and past my 1 yr anniversary i still was neglecting it because of feeling sick not being able to eat,sleep,dizziness,nausea and all! I would moisturize sometimes but my regimen was all over the place because not only was i pregnant but i was planning a move to another city and that was crazy too leaving me with the only option to throw a wig on and i didn’t properly protect my hair underneath… all i can say is knots, dryness, and BREAKAGE,BREAKAGE and more BREAKAGE!  Then when i gave birth not to long after that i had postpartum shedding and my edges in the front and the back got it bad, so through trail and error as well my journey has been up and down but don’t get me wrong im still happy im natural and im loving the new lifestyle so no regrets with that choice but im going to vow to get better at it and re-learn my hair since it has changed alot! 48dddc439fa4061615dd58d8c9a2972f

Now i know it was mainly my poor care of my hair during my pregnancy and not the pregnancy itself, but it was also a mixture of things too such as at the early part of my pregnancy i had yarn twists in (protective style) and i left those in way to long than i meant to so when i took them out that caused breakage then the wigs and then a when i did get the energy i deep conditioned my hair and detangled etc. then went to a salon got a silk press and trim done knowing im not prepared (energy wise) or used to my hair being straight no more so my hair just broke off especially in the cold weather! Since i had my baby in April i just been doing damage control with a dusted trim i did myself lots of hot oil treatments,deep conditioning and its not to bad, the little bit of castor oil i got helped out alot to repair too.  



So that being said im preparing for the upcoming fall/winter with a whole new plan as my hair has grew even though i do believe it could of been way longer at this point but im still proud, and with growth comes change so there is things my hair used to like that it just don’t no more so my regimen has changed a little and i updated the page on the blog explaining that so go to home page and check it out! My plan for this season is starting with a trim and every 8-10 weeks, more protective styling mostly with scarfs and my own hair,more deep conditioning, more steam treatments,more hot oil,scalp treatments and cutting out protein treatments because i think im sensitive because now my hair gets so thin and weak feeling like its gonna break when i do them.  WISH ME LUCK GUYS!  Fall/Winter here i come………