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My Daughters Protective Style: MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT FLAT TWISTS!

spring_rainsWell spring/summer is here and most of us know what that weather can do to our hair, going from really hot and dry weather to humid and moist can only cause our hair to go from pretty to a hot tangled mess if not very careful. I honestly think that for those who are busy and on the go most of the time and can hardly find the time to do their hair should wear a protective style in the warmer weather especially because its already hot and not only do you wanna look good,protect your hair and get work done but you also want to enjoy the beautiful sunny days without taking up most of your night prepping or most of your day styling!  ….Right ladies?  Of course do not leave a protective style in no longer than 2-3 months and be sure to let your hair breath for a week in between styles, do a deep conditioning treatment and really love your hair during the “in between times”.



Ok so speaking of protective styling in the spring/summer, ive been trying new styles on my daughters hair but she mostly has been wearing pin & tuck or braided styles. That is until i decided to try flatwists on her hair and i have never done it before so i was very worried on how this was going to look lol but it turned out pretty well. 



So as you can see they were pretty nice and neat too, I completed this style on freshly washed and heatless stretched hair. Only products that i applied to her hair was coconut oil after washing and applying leave in conditioner the night before and the next day when i styled her hair i applied coconut oil again;which promoted a lot of natural shine to her hair.


 After flat twisting the front, my baby boy started becoming really fussy so i had to come up with something quick and simply to pin this girls head up and protect those ends at the same time because this weather just crazy and going from hot,cold to rain but hey that spring for you…. Above you will see that her hair is in two large flat twists with the ends tucked away, making sure no pins are to tight or easy to fall out either.

 This style lasted me about 1 week mon-sun then since she stays playing on the floor and likes to play crazy at school too, i had to take down and refresh weekly so she been rocking this style since mid may up until now but i already took it out and deep conditioned etc for the past couple weeks so it time for the next protective style and i think it will be some braids with beads since she haven’t been rocking that style for a long time and i will be posting pictures of that style too.




My Attempt at doing Crochet Twist’s on my daughters hair using the “SuperNatural Twist” method by Janette!

This is a late post on a hair style that I attempted few months back for the holidays. I wasn’t able to post due to me having computer issues, but I did take pics so that I can share this with you all. I always loved all the cool crochet styles and wanted to try them on myself at one point as well but since the holidays was coming and my daughter needed another protective style; I decided to go ahead and do a crochet style on her head. The questions was “so what style do I want to go with?” After researching online and finding so many cute crochet style ideas I ound it hard to make up my mind…. until I ran into this amazing channel by this woman who was not only passionate about what she does as a stylist but she had her own technique using the crochet method only this time it was with TWISTS! She call them “Supernatural Twist by Janette”. Yes I was amazed, it was quicker but mostly it was safer on the hair not puling on it or causing to much irritation to the scalp or hair. This style can also look even more natural if you add singles to the front and/or to the back hairline and the rest crochet style but either way I think its just a great style!  Below ill show you some pictures of my daughter Aaliyah’s hair and some insight on the style process, sorry I wasn’t able to make a video.




Here are all of the products and tools that I used for this hairstyle. The hair was Afro Soul Bulk by Femi Collection color #2. I used the Lock & Twist Gel by Organic Root Stimulator on the synthetic hair  only as I applied to the hair because I feel that it made the twisting process smoother and it offered great hold without the flaking or sticky feel of most gels. The great thing about this hair  and the process used is that there was no need to dip hair in water for the curly ends! Unlike kinky twists hair, afro bulk offers a more natural bounce back like no other as long as you twists all the way to the ends this will give you that natural look!



After a fresh wash,deep condition and a few hours of banding to stretch it a bit I began the braid down process using nothing but Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner on her hair and 100% Pure African Shea Butter on her scalp. I did not want a lot of product build up on her hair from the start so I kept it light as possible. The lady did suggest that it was best to braid her hair down with black yarn especially if the hair is a softer texture because this will give it more hold and last longer while protecting the hair even more but I decided to give it a try without the yarn this time since I didn’t really have that technique down yet.  As you can see it all worked out well and look at the shine! I always braids a little lighter on the ends leaving a little bit of hair out so she wont loose any hair.




This is the end result! It took m about a week to get it done and that’s only because I had to stop so many time to attend to my infant, other mommy duties around the house etc. but i’m sure if it wasn’t for that I would of got done about 3 days tops. This style was so simple, I did not have to cut no hair in half at all and it only took 4 pks of hair. Since I didn’t get a chance to record the process it is hard to explain the process but I will post a video at the end that inspired me to do this style.

1. Taking each strand of hair without cutting It, folded it in half then put it on the crochet tool.

2. I took the crochet tool and put it under the braid, pulling only half of the hair to the other side making sure to keep the two parts separate.

3. As if I was twisting her own natural hair, I started twisting the hair making sure that I twisted all the way down to the ends. (this will give it a even more natural look)

4. Continuing this all over her head, I ended up putting more twists in the front than I had to for the rest of the head.


20140105_212722 20140105_212654 20140105_212648

The 3 photos above are photos of my daughter after wearing this style for 1 month, my plan was to take it out at 2 months but I only left it in 1 more week and took it out for a good wash etc. plus so that I can be safe, we all know how harsh protective styles can be to our natural hair over long periods of time. As you can see hey style is still really nice and fresh, I can honestly say that this was one of those styles that looked better the longer it was in! This style was most definitely a 5 star***** winner for me and not only will I  be doing this style again but I recommend it to be done on others as well especially children.



The name of the channel for the lady who inspired me to try this style is MissSuperNaturalMe and the link to her channel is and I just love her personality and passion for what she does. she gives great tips on crochet styles and much more so check her out! Below im going to post a few videos related to the Super Natural Twists By Janette!



Well luvs, I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did sharing it with you all!!.. Remember feel free to comment below with any questions, advice, or any feedback that you would like to share. *Take Care*